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  • Icepower can provide tailored cleaning and blasting solutions from small requests to ongoing programmed maintenance schedules.


  • These can occur as project partners to engineering companies, or plant and facilities operators. Our experience across a wide range of industries often allows us to bring fresh perspective to access, containment and disposal issues, as well introducing us to a wide range of other service providers and equipment suppliers.


  • We want our customers to benefit from our contacts and experience in delivery of the right solutions to their needs.


  • Our experience in heavy industry, defence industries and plastics refining have given valuable insight into the development of safe work methods and accompanying documentation necessary to satisfy the most stringent safety requirements and protocols.


  • Our experience coupled with work safe approved training in elevated work platform operation and confined space entry. Icepower is able to provide services where other operators cannot, in a safe and professional manner.


  • We are always keen to seek innovative solutions with new and existing clients to improve our efficiency and outcomes.



Existing client applications include, but are not limited to:


  • Resin removal from process ovens.


  • Oven Conveyor chain cleaning.


  • Glue removal from packaging and binding machines.


  • Ink removal from a range of printing presses.


  • Bitumen removal from road making equipment.


  • Bitumen emulsion overspray from curb and channel and concrete barriers.


  • Weld cleaning for crack testing.Smoke damage from walls, structures and switchboards.


  • Coolant fume and swarf from machine tooling.


  • Product build up in conveyors, mixing vessels, scales, batching and packaging equipment.


  • Cooling zones and flues on process ovens.


  • Sealant removal from application tooling.


  • Sap and saw dust removal from timber milling plant and tooling.


  • Hydraulic oil fumes from cooler units and machinery.


  • Air conditioner and refrigerator condenser cleaning.


  • Paint stripping and surface preparation.

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